Face to face appointments are available at the DripClub in Glenelg, Adelaide.
Phone and Skype appointments are also available. International patients are welcome!

Functional Testing

We provide an extensive range of testing
including blood, saliva, stool, hair mineral analysis, urine analysis (including Pyrrole testing), Iridology, hair, skin, nail and tongue diagnosis and specialty testing for Lyme Disease and complex thyroid conditions.

Effective Treatment Plans

All treatment plans are customised for the individual patient and based off test results, symptoms and genetics. We believe that every person has a unique requirement and whether it is diet, exercise or supplements, there is NO one size fits all!

There is no one size fits all!

15 minute wellness consultations
A great way to get results...

Whether you are time poor or feeling the pinch financially, we are making natural medicine more affordable and accessible.

Try a 15 minute wellness consultation and make steps towards improving your health.


We only recommend and prescribe the best quality products!

Not all supplements are created equally. We educate our patients on what is good for them and offer individualised treatment plans based on their condition, symptoms and genetics.

We encourage patients not to self diagnose or buy supplements off the supermarket or chemist shelves unless advised to.

We believe good healthcare should be accessible to everyone.
That's why we offer phone, skype and face to face consultations.