What is the thyroid?

The thyroid is a gland at the front of the neck which secretes hormones regulating growth and development through the rate of metabolism. If this isn’t working effectively it can leave you feeling very out of sorts.

Hypothyroid & Hyperthyroid

Hypothyroid is when the thyroid gland is under active while hyperthyroid is when the thyroid gland is overactive.

Testing for thyroid issues

We believe that in order to get an accurate picture of your thyroid a combination of blood tests need to be run. The TSH by itself isn’t enough to assess if you have a thyroid condition. So we adopt the following tests to determine the health of your thyroid.

  • TSH (blood)
  • Free T3 (blood)
  • Free T4 (blood)
  • Reverse T3 (blood)
  • Thyroid Antibodies (blood)
  • Iodine test (urine)
  • Thyroflex