Thyroid Disease

Do you suffer from fatigue, dry skin, hair loss, insomnia, weight gain, cold hands and feet just to name a few symptoms?

Hashimotos, Graves, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Goiter and more are all treated here.

Adrenal Fatigue

Exhausted all the time? Tired all day and then you get a second wind at night and can’t sleep? Chances are you have adrenal fatigue or exhaustion. Many patients diagnosed with “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” actually have Adrenal Fatigue or an underlying bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic infection.

Pyrrole Disorder

Pyrrole Disorder is also known as Kryptopyrrole, Kryptopyrroluria, Pyrroluria, Pyrolle Disorder, Mauve Factor, Pyroluria and Hemepyrrole. It is an abnormality in the blood which is thought to be a genetic disorder. Symptoms can include anything from depression, anxiety, ADHD, learning difficulties, Dsylexia, OCD and so much more…


Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection that usually comes from a tick bite, however not always. Research now shows that you can contract the disease from breast milk, sexual intimacy or bites from other insects such as mosquitoes and sand flies.

Joint Pain

Pain is a symptom. It is important to get to the root cause of why the patient has pain and where it is coming from in order to treat it effectively. After testing has ruled out major issues and trauma, naturopathic treatment can be very effective in not only managing the pain but also reducing inflammation throughout the body to achieve a long term pain free life.


Where you are an adult or child, arthritis is debilitating and effects and quality of life of the patient.

It is important to look at all treatment options, however the natural remedies available will depend on what the cause of the arthritis is and what prescription medications the patient is on.

Endometriosis & PCOS

Endometriosis and PCOS are complicated hormonal conditions that need a balanced and thorough approach in order to achieve good treatment outcomes. Full hormones panels in conjunction to other testing need to be conducted in order to get baseline reading from the patient.

Children's Health

Kids are so precious. The best thing about them is their behaviour and physical appearance tell a story. Whether it be anger, excessive crying, learning difficulties etc… the results all tell a story. Even recurrent eczema or a pot belly are a symptom of a greater underlying issue.


MTHFR stands for methylene-tetrahydrofolate reductase. In simple language it is an enzyme that is responsible for converting folate into activated folate that the body can use. It is a condition that causes many symptoms which can be made worse by other genetic mutations patients may have.

Digestive Issues

Pain, bloating, belching and passing wind are signs that there are digestive issues.

There are simple fixes for some and more complicated treatments involved for others. Whatever the process though, there is help and treatments available.

Diet & Nutrition

A lot of people want a quick fix with a pill or supplement, however often the simplest and cheapest treatments options involve a change of diet in order to include the nutrition that the body is desparately craving.


Hormones can make or break your life and existence. It might sound dramatic, however hormones can control your weight, energy, sleep, body temperature, hair growth, skin tone, growth and so on. The list is endless. Don’t guess, just get tested!