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Stress Management with Pyrrole Disorder

by September 4, 2018

How to manage stress with Pyrrole Disorder

Managing stress and adrenal health is imperative for Pyrrole Disorder patients. Often pyrrole patients get stressed out and have an outburst without recognising that it may be a symptom of an either un-managed or un-diagnosed issue. There is no excuse for bad behaviour however there are significant reasons.

Stress management is crucial for these Pyrrole patients. When stress occurs, Pyrrole patients have an increased HPL excretion which is classically associated with emotional stress, which is also associated with oxidative stress. Why you say? what provokes this occurrence? It could be as simple as overwork, being stressed, too much alcohol etc… Anything that uses more zine or methyl groups in the bodies metabolism.  I would recommend an adrenal support support supplement which includes the use of adaptogenic herbs such as withania and ginsengs.

Prolonged exhaustion whether physical or emotional can lead to deficiencies in serotonin and other essential minerals. Please contact your health provider for information and health if this is something that resonates with you.

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